To Download the Lite Installer Client just click the image below.

Below is the link for latest KRO Links. Download the files and Then Download Lite Client from The link above.

After Downloading the Full Client you need to download Lite Client. Full Client is KRO/Renewal and doesnt include Nelro.

Download all files, then put them all together to a certain folder. Simply double click file, follow the installation process, and point it to one of your drives (Preferrably Drive C:\)
Since data.grf is one huge file, extraction should take a while, you can leave it for a few minutes.
After successfully extracting it, you can proceed to that folder (C:\Neverlasting Ragnarok Online as our example).
Double click your NeverlastingRO Patcher to check if there are new updates.
Now the only thing left to do is for you to register.
You can do that by clicking Register Link.
After doing everything above, you can click the Start Game on your Patcher, and should be ready to play!

Having Problems with Ragnarok DLL Files? Please Download the files HERE
Install these DLL Files along with NeverlastingRO Files.


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Neverlasting Ragnarok Online is a 2.5 Year old server.
A Super High Rate Server.
Dedicated and focused to squeeze out every character's potential.
Server is currently hosted on a dedicated machine.
10mbit connection, so you wont be experiencing lag,
(Provided you have a decent internet connection)
Max base level 999
Max job level 500
Rates - 999k/999k/100% (100% droprate for cards)
New Skill tab, find out ingame.
12 character slots per account (not the usual 9 slot one)
We have all the newest kRO headgears without a single error.
Neverlasting Ragnarok Online, is a Sanctuary for all headgear lovers.
And were doing our best to provide balanced PvP and community interaction.
As well as balanced class competition.
Headgears [4]
Armors [4]
Weapons [4]
Shields [2]
Garments [4]
Shoes [4]
Accessories [4]
Max Cart Weight - 200,000
Highly customized server to make sure get the best out of it.
Never before seen ideas, and item concepts to make PvP unique and one of a kind
Intense WoE and PvP. No guild monopoly, everyone has a chance to conquer
Don't miss out this opportunity!
Join Neverlasting Ragnarok Online now!

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Amount ( Number of Dollars to Donate ) Click the  button to Donate  -->

After Sending Payment Just send an Email to

or Contact Vish Ingame.

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The minimum donation via Western Union is 50 USD. Please convert it to your currency. For more details on where to send money or how to send money via Western Union Kindly send an Email to